Spirit of the Wild Colouring Book

The colouring book craze hit North America, and my author friend Dawn Sprung and I finally wrote a book together. We had talked about creating a book together for a few years. We are absolutely thrilled with how the book turned out.

The colouring panels are based on my wildlife paintings, and Dawn wrote poetry to compliment the images. The poetry enhances our perception of the animals, and gives us insight into their daily life and challenges.

I designed the colouring panels in a way that allows the colourist to celebrate the animal with a variety of colour, just like the paintings.

Fox Cub colouring by Jennifer Gagne


Kaezmum reviews our book on You Tube. You can watch it here.

Salmon Run, coloured by Jennifer Gagne

Colored by me!

The Book Launch party was an event I will never forget. It had taken over a year from inception to publication. We were elated for days.

We had hundreds of copies of the books there, art, Chimmi’s Food Truck, musician JF Smith performed and the Piece de Resistance: The Rabbit Hopping Club!

This really happened.


A Glamour Book Shot by Michelle Holland Photography.


JF Smith performs from the balconey.


Beautiful friends.

Spirit of the Wild: A Lyrical Colouring Book is available on Amazon and in stores and giftshops in Western Canada and the U.S.A.

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