I graduated from the Ontario College of Art with a classical painting education and an appreciation for qualities like craftsmanship and beauty in art.

I moved to the mountains of Canmore, Alberta, on a quest to uncover my unique artistic style.

It did not take long to realize that wildlife and outdoor landscape painting were my true passions. Back then popular wildlife art was extremely realistic.

“Paint what you love with passion and conviction, and if it’s not in fashion, keep painting until one day it will be”

OCA Instructor

I love the Group of Seven, and the way they painted Canada with gorgeous, colourful, bold strokes and shapes. I couldn’t paint landscapes like them. That was their thing, not mine.

One night, while painting past midnight, it suddenly occurred to me that the Group of Seven had depicted, with their colourful style, the best views from all across Canada, but had not celebrated the wildlife. I began to do just that.

The first works were intimate portrait paintings of bears. I was creating traditional paintings of a much loved subject, with beautiful colour and juicy brushstrokes. I had finally found my unique vision.

Today, wildlife is still a main focus, while the colour and brushstrokes seem to be growing wilder every year.

These works are a celebration of art, of colour, of tradition, of the relationship we have with wildlife and ultimately our own wild nature.

It’s very important to me that you connect with the art, and I spend quite a bit of time working on the eyes of the animal being painted. A lifetime of practice and study has been devoted to that look. There’s a deep, mysterious, emotion there-I hope you feel it too.