I spend a lot of time camping and wandering with my family in the mountains. The scenery itself is beyond stunning, but it is the wildlife encounters that thrill me to the core, leaving me shaking every time. It is precisely that adrenaline rush that my work strives to convey. Intense colour and wild strokes excite my senses. I use them both liberally and in unexpected places, to create little eye-surprises within the painting.

Although I’m abstracting wildlife, I use traditional, art school painting rules to model form. This makes the animal appear almost sculptural, for extra impact. Finally, although I love and embrace technology, and even use it in the planning stages, all of my paintings are hand drawn. A little wonkiness here and there gives them character and a special, handmade charm.

Erica Neumann A.O.C.A .

Neumann Bear paintings first began appearing in Canmore and Banff, Alberta galleries in the mid nineties. Erica’s bears quickly became known for their bold brush strokes and rich colours, including cobalt blues, turquoise, rich oxide reds and periwinkle noses. Her wildlife paintings have since received wider recognition in respected museums and galleries in Alberta, B.C. and the northwestern United States.

Public installations include The Artisan Gardens at Bow Valley Ranche, Calgary, and the Canmore Folk Festival stage backdrop. Publications include Bow Lake: Wellspring of Art , by Jane Lytton-Gooch, Spirit of the Wild: A Lyrical Colouring Book , Heritage House Publications and House and Garden magazine, UK.
Erica’s work is enjoyed in private collections and homes worldwide.
Follow Erica on Instagram @neumannart, or to read more visit www.ericaneumann.com .

“Paint what you love with passion and conviction, and if it’s not in fashion, keep painting until one day it will be”

OCA Instructor