The biggest challenge after success
is shutting up about it.

Criss Jami


Colouring Wildlife and Poetry

The colouring panels in Spirit are based on the wildlife paintings and accompanied by poetry written by Dawn Sprung. Our book was launched in the spring of 2016, and is available throughout Western Canada and the States, in selected stores, as well as online at Amazon and Chapters Indigo


In 2001, The Whyte Museum of The Canadian Rockies held a show about bears. It was the first time I’d exhibited with them, and the beginning of a fabulous relationship with the Museum. A breakthrough moment, those bears were more in alignment with my style to this day.


Barbara Bush spoke at the Calgary Board of Education in 2003. Sprung Instant Structures commissioned a bear to present to her for the occasion. Her security patted down the painting. She was a very eloquent speaker.


Take a Walk on the Wild Side

In 2009 the Whyte Museum exhibited a retrospective of Robert Bateman and they offered me a solo show in The Swiss Guides room to run in conjunction with it. There were interviews for broadcast news and newspaper articles. I painted my heart out, and filled the room. The Whyte Museum created an advertising banner for the show – it was my first banner.


Bow Ranche

Spear-headed by the late Mitzie Wasyliw and husband Larry, the Artisan Gardens  is a fantastic one of a kind outdoor art gallery in Calgary, Alberta. Art is housed in specially designed monoliths, that are sponsored by those interested in creating a legacy. There are still paintings open for sponsorship. Click the link below for more info.

Monolith Photo: Jackie Ho Life Unscripted Photography


Time Lapsed Video

I have taught at Swinton’s Art Supply and Instruction for 17 years. Doug Swinton is very creative and loves artists and art. He had to cajole me into doing this video, and I’m so happy he did. Milo did a fabulous job putting it together. It is very fast – it was in real life too – the footage was shot on my lunch break in 45 minutes!


Frolic is 12 ft long and resides in the NICU at the Calgary Children’s Hospital. The hospital has a large and beautiful art collection.


” Bow Lake Wellspring of Art” by Jane Lytton Gooch celebrates the paintings inspired by Bow Lake, and as an artist fortunate enough to have painted in residency there, my painting of Blondie is in the book. She was the resident bear there, for many years, her offspring still roam about the area.

This book is an absolute treasure, and so is Num Ti. Cherished are the memories of times spent there with fellow artist and friend W.J. Bradley.


The only painting I’ve ever had to walk all over to paint, this one is over 25 feet long. It has been used at the festival every year since 1997, and every year I am thrilled and grateful to have it showcase such a wide array of talented musical artists.