Seeing Red

Gainsborough Galleries

24×30, oil on GC $1575 CAD


It is not surprising that as a wildlife artist, I have a deep fascination for cave art, specifically the animals at Chauvet cave, France. Humankind has been painting animals for thousands of years, since the beginning of artistic creation itself. Feeling a deep connection to our artist ancestors, I studied their technique on and off for two years, eventually developing a very strong opinion on exactly how their work was created.

This painting was directly influenced by what I believe was cave art technique.  This is one of the first paintings created while experimenting with what I believe are their methods. The colour, pose and expression are determined by the process itself, not by direct influence. He is as much a revelation and mystery to me, as to the viewer.

 The griz demanded that he be on the stern side – who am I not to listen?