A Timeless Legacy

The Hockaday Museum in Kallispell, Montana invited twenty four artists, American and Canadian, to explore and create art in Glacier National Park, U.S.A. and Waterton National Park, Canada.

Canada and the U.S.A. physically share the Rocky Mountains, and in 1932 a dedicated group of Rotarians successfully campaigned to have the two National Parks that share the border between America and Canada officially deemed the Peace Park.

The Peace Park is the real place where both countries symbolically unite through a mutual admiration and respect for mountains and wildlife.

Painting in a storm at St. Mary’s, Montana.
Black Swifts out in the storm.

We painted outdoors on both sides of the border. The exhibition celebrates mountain culture at its finest, as well as the 50th anniversary of the museum.

L-R: Michelle Grant, me, Doug Swinton, Robert E. Wood