A True Calling 30×30
$2,100 CAD

A Neumann wolf painting available now at Avens Gallery.

A True Calling


oil on gallery canvas

$2,100.00 CAD

This is inspired by an iconic Canadian moment my dog and I experienced. We were outside at night, in the early winter. Both of us froze in our tracks when howls erupted nearby. Call me to purchase, if you are on mobile, through the yellow link on the lower right.


Keeping the wilderness close.

Avens Gallery offers mock-ups to help you determine how the painting will look in your space. Send Avens a photo of your room, and they will use software to show you how the painting will look. Or call me, if you are on mobile, as I have experience with mock ups.

I seek to capture the beauty and spirit of the wilderness in my art. My mission is painting outstanding statement pieces with instinctive brushwork, bold colour and strong composition.