Painted Linocuts

Separate series of painted linocuts, including bears and original gifts.

Painted Linocuts

This painting is one in a series of painted bear linocuts previously sold at Lineham House. To make a linocut, I design and carve an image into a rubber block. Then the image is rolled with ink and I press a panel, paper or canvas onto it, leaving an outline of the carved image. Next, I paint the image in my signature style. I currently have six separate images in the linocut series. They are paintings of the same image, yet each are unique.

Little Ball of Fur

Zoomies Kitty Series


acrylic painted linocut on gallery canvas

$60.00 CAD

This series is inspired by kittens with the zoomies. Little Ball of Fur is a free-standing piece for a bookshelf or desk. Email Lineham House to purchase, or call me if you are on mobile, through the yellow link on the lower right.


Little and bright.

A little piece makes for surprise statements in unexpected places throughout the home.

I seek to capture the beauty and spirit of the natural world in my art. My mission is painting outstanding statement pieces with instinctive brushwork, bold colour and strong composition.