Author and friend Dawn Sprung and I worked together to create a colouring book. The book is based on my paintings accompanied by Dawn’s poetry.


Inside the book.

The poems enhance perception of the animals, and offer insight into their daily life and challenges.

Kaezmum colouring panel. Photo: Kaezmum
Photo: Michelle Holland Photography
Kaezmum colouring panel. Photo:

The animals are drawn in a way that they can be multi coloured, like my paintings.

Kaezmum Reviews SOTW

The drawings are hand made, with important lines made thick, so the wildlife will still be seen, no matter how wild the colours.

The paper is thick to hold marker, with perforated pages.


The launch party.

The book launch took place in Aldersyde, at the impressive Sprung Instant Structures headquarters. Live entertainment was provided by Joshua F. Smith and the Rabbit Hopping Club.

Joshua F. Smith entertains at the book launch.
Photo: Michelle Holland Photography
The Rabbit Hopping Club runs through their paces at the book launch.
Photo: Michelle Holland Photography
Artists: Sue Kallis, Dot Andersen, Laurie Sommerville. Photo: Michelle Holland Photography

Spirit of the Wild is available in gift shops and book stores in western Canada, and online.

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