Stepping Over the Line

A friendly looking grizzly strolls by, but it is no ordinary animal. It is made of chunks of different colours, warm on the top from the heat of the sun, and cooler by her belly. She is prancing through waves of heat and loving it.
Stepping Over the Line


oil on gallery canvas

$2,100.00 CDN

Sandra, Kelly and Ken in Kelowna would be happy to answer your questions or arrange shipping of this colourful, abstracted grizzly wandering in a camo version of snow trampled grasses in the early spring.

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Wild art.

This is a big, colourful piece. Here I explored new colour combinations and pushed boundaries, hence the title. Sometimes in life we have to be brave and take our chances, while stepping into the unknown. Harnessing the strength of the grizzly helps in those moments.

I seek to capture the strength, beauty and spirit of wild animals in my art. My mission is painting outstanding wildlife art with instinctive brushwork, bold colour and strong composition.