Art Hours

Expand your creativity, one hour at a time with personalized instruction!

Are you an aspiring artist seeking to dive deeper into your creative journey? Or perhaps you’re an experienced artist looking to refine your skills and explore new artistic horizons. Come to my Studio! Introducing “Your Art Hour” featuring personalized one-on-one art sessions tailored to artists of all levels.

I understand each artist has their own unique style, strength, and area of interest. That is why I’ve outlined a variety of Art Hour topics for you to choose from.

Book a time slot at the link provided below. Book one hour, or two hours, on one day, or every day! At my studio in Okotoks, make yourself comfortable at my easel. The paint will be set out and waiting for you, so we can begin immediately. Once you book, I will contact you to discuss the topic you would enjoy exploring.

Mon., Tues., Wed., or Fri.

1:00-2:00, 2:00-3:00 or 3:00-4:00

$35+gst for one Art Hour

$50+gst for one Art Hour with a friend

Your Art Hour Topics

  • oil painting: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • acrylic painting: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • drawing
  • charcoal sketching
  • create a painting database
  • idea development
  • collage and mixed media
  • composition
  • digital sketching
  • social media content/setup
  • portfolio
  • preliminary planning for painting
  • portraiture
  • still life
  • colour theory
  • brushwork skills


Critiques are available at various times, at the same price as an Art Hour. Send me photos of your work ahead of time, and we’ll arrange an online session at a time that works.

Email me to book a critique


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